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I so love to review these awesome pages and websites, hence I am back with a new review post today. We all love handmade products, isn’t it? They are definitely made with a lot more innovation and care. Today I will be talking about a few of the handmade items from one of online pages of Instagram – Insta Belarts (Instagram handle : @insta_belarts)

So these were the items sent to me the other day. Take a look. 😍😍


So I had received :

  • A candle holder – I received a lovely candle holder which is made from a disc and some paper decorations stuck on top of it. Its so pretty and carefully made. Completely loved it. We can even replace the candle if we want.
  • An envelope – Received this envelope with embroidery work done at the sides. You can also get different designs and even customized types, simply head on to their Instagram page and have a look.
  • An owl pendent chain – This item is one of my personal favorite. Its a blue owl pendent with a chain attached. The detailing of the owl pendent is just too good and worth the mention.
  • Hairbands – I had received two different types of hairbands. One was a simple black hairband with a blue velvet bow attached. And the other was a pink hairband with a pink net work flower attached. Aren’t these just too cute? I was so feeling like a kid wearing them as if in a fairy land. So even clicked so many pictures. Scroll down to have a look.
  • Paper decoratives and a flower clip – These handmade paper decoratives are really too pretty. One can stick them in cards, scrap books and even in gifts. Also received one cute tic tac clip with a green flower. Everything was just too cute and worth a proper mention.

Here are the individual pictures, enjoy.

Handmade Candle Holder πŸ™‚

Handmade Envelope and a flower clip πŸ™‚
Owl pendent chain and Paper decoratives πŸ™‚
Hairbands of two different types πŸ™‚Β Β 

Hope you liked the pictures of the handmade items from Insta Belarts (Instagram handle @insta_belarts) Don’t forget to follow them in instagram and have these awesome goodies at really low prices. I so loved the items, so styled the hairbands and the pendent. Here are my pictures, hope you guys like them. Lots of love. 😍😊

PhotoGrid_1434300962279 PhotoGrid_1434301035943 PhotoGrid_1434301261913 PhotoGrid_1434301393290

So that’s all for the day.Β Don’t forget to follow their Instagram handle as mentioned above. Be Unique and Stay blessed!! πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’•

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