Lily Sequin Blazer from #SBL 😍

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So today I am back with another outfit post. Any guesses guys? Yes its Stalk Buy Love once again. I am so in love with their blazer collection. I have got another one from here. Today I shall show all my viewers how to dress like a city girl, classy and fabulous. Today’s star attraction is the Lily Sequin Blazer from the website Stalk Buy Love (Website – http://www.stalkbuylove.com/) So guys, today I have recreated a look with my digital printed pencil skirt from Style By AND (Instagram handle : @stylebyand) which you all must have seen in another outfit post previously. So I have worn a black tank top, the pencil skirt and teamed it up with this pretty blazer from SBL. ☺☺

Fashion Tip: I completely love this look because if you are a working lady, you have to look good even for presentations or seminars or maybe a project. This blazer can definitely be worn with nude/sea blue pants as well and be a perfect thing for your work station. Now lets see how we can transform that look for a dinner date. All you need is to add that insta glam with some makeup and a statement neckpeice. I have styled a very pretty crystal Zara neckpiece from Bling Accessories (Instagram handle – @blingaccessories) (Website – http://www.blingsfashion.com/) This one neckpiece is enough to change the look for the night. For footwear, today I have worn my cute bow ballerinas from Catwalk Shoes which really go well with the entire attire. Here are the pictures of today’s shoot. Hope you all love my styling. 😍😍










So that’s all for today. Hope you all enjoyed my look book of the day. To get this look all you need is an elegant pencil and this pretty Lily Sequin Blazer from Stalk Buy Love. Stay connected to the latest trends over Instagram. Their Instagram handle is @stalkbuylove.

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Here is a quick recap of the deets… :


ACCESSORIES COURTESY –  BLING ACCESSORIES (Instagram handle : @blingaccessories)



For any collaborations, suggestions or queries you can e-mail me at nivritydas@gmail.com. ✅😊😍

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