Plum Chamomile and White Tea Range -Review

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So I am back with another review post for one of my personal favourite brands, Plumgoodness. So Plumgoodness has always been one of my favourite brands when it comes to supreme quality natural skin care products!

Well recently they have launched their new range of skin care products, that is the Chamomile & White Tea! So I have received the Chamomile & White Tea Skin Revival face wash and Sheer matte day cream and honestly speaking, the day I have started using them, they have gone to my favourites!

The skin revival face wash acts as a stress buster. Soothing chamomile, rejuvenating white tea and antioxidant rich botanical extracts is just perfect to relax, refresh and revive your skin that’s exposed to the elements. The face wash is a soap-free, gentle foaming cleanser that will make your skin smile!

Plumspeak: Not only does chamomile possess anti-inflammatory properties, it’s also well known for its ability to calm nerves and reduce anxiety.


Net vol. 75ml

The sheer matte day cream is an ultra-light day cream with a dreamy texture. Three reasons to love this cream:
1. Specialist SPF50 solar-shielding actives.
2. Chamomile that soothes & calms skin during & after sun exposure.
3. Antioxidant white tea that helps protect & repair oxidative damage.

Plumspeak: Sun exposure has been found to be responsible for up to 90% of the visible signs of skin ageing, such as wrinkles, spots and less-than-taut skin.

Price: 520/-

Net vol. 60ml

Plum products are 100% natural. All their products have natural and life-friendly ingredients. No white lab coats are used here, they love colors. Plum says no to parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), DEA, PABA & animal-derived ingredients.
You can pick your favorite plum products from you can connect to them via different social media: Facebook – plumgoodness, Instagram – plumgoodness, Twitter – plumspeak or call them at +917303316677 😍

Here are the images for your reference. Enjoy!!


Personal review:

Both the products are suitable for Normal to combination skin. Personally, this range is one of the best ranges for people who get tanned easily and go out in the sun. I have used both the products from quite some time and absolutely swear by them. The matte effect of the sheer matte day cream lasts really long and leaves the skin totally flawless.Since the cream has a thick consistency, a little amount is enough and the tube lasts very long.

Living in a humid city like Kolkata, we need to look fresh wherever we go, so the skin revival face wash keeps me super fresh and leaves my skin hydrated and non-greasy!

My personal rating for this range is 5/5.


So that’s all for today. I would definitely recommend you all to go for plum products. I’m sure you won’t regret using them. 😊😊

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