Vivel Body Washes

Hey guys, hope you’re doing well. So today we’re gonna talk about the all new Vivel Body Washes. We all must be using soaps on daily basis in our day to day lives. But the major disappointment of a soap is that it’s used by everyone which makes it wet, soggy, shapeless and dirty. Doesn’t it simply ruin your magical bathing experience forever?

So yes it’s time to switch guys. It’s time to switch from soaps to body washes. The new Vivel Body washes come in two different variants namely Mint + Cucumber and Lavender + Almond oil. Also it comes in two different sizes for the ease to carry it while traveling as well. The 100 ml pack comes for 40/- and 200 ml pack at 80/- only. These body washes are enriched with almond oil and has their amazing long lasting fragrances which gives an overall better bathing experience. My personal favourite is the Lavender + almond oil variant. It
has an extraordinary long lasting signature fragrance of Lavender oil and the way it nourishes the skin is certainly worth every penny. These body washes produce creamier lather with just a small amount which not only makes the usage more remarkable but also quite efficient. Coming to the packaging they have a unique shape with a click open technique which makes it travel friendly as well. With vital ingredients like Aqua, Lauric Acid, Sweet Almond oil, Mint oil and Glycerin these body washes provide that instant freshness which soaps fail to do.

Here’s how you can use the Vivel Body washes: All you gotta do is take a coin sized drop of the body wash on a wet loofah, massage the loofah with both hands for a rich creamy lather, gently scrub your body and rinse it off. It not only cleanses your body but also makes the skin fresher, softer and more fragrant.

Here are some more reasons as to why we should switch to body washes:
✅ Leaves you feeling fresher.
✅ Moisturises skin better.
✅ Keeps skin softer and smoother.
✅ Longer lasting fragrance.
✅ Cleanses better.
✅ More Value for money.
✅ Removes dirt caused due to pollution better.

So this was more about the two body washes from Vivel. It’s certainly time to change from soaps and switch to
body washes permanently.

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