Staycation at Oyo Townhouse

Hi guys, Hope you all are doing great. If you all have been following me on social media, you must be knowing how much I love traveling and exploring. 😊

One of the best inexpensive hotels I’ve come across has to be Oyo Rooms. They have such extraordinary services and quite good infrastructures. So lately I discovered the new concept, Oyo Townhouses. With a hassle free, economical stay and an unmatched customer service, Oyo Townhouses are definitely the best hotels all over the cities. πŸ’•

I had been to #OyoTownhouse095 Park Circus for a weekend staycation and the overall experience was definitely amazing. So basically Oyo Townhouses are all strategically located in the best parts of the city to offer all customers a comfortable stay at affordable rates.

The hospitable and friendly staff at Oyo Rooms ensures the stay is pleasant. Their goal is to create a homely ambiance with all possible necessities such as drawing room, conference rooms, cafeteria, and living rooms all under one roof. Something that would complement a neighborhood as well.

All the townhouses are beautifully designed with a similar iconic infrastructure and funky interiors making them the new talk of the town. The huge block red entrance door and a well lit reception area is definitely the best picturesque part of Oyo Townhouses. πŸ˜‹

The stunning intricate frames all over the reception area is something which caught my eye the very first day I entered. Every minute detailing is so well designed and absolutely artistic. What loved about this space is that the customers can spend quality time sipping over coffee or working/reading/meeting. Speaking of the interiors all the rooms have a neat, crisp, minimalistic yet contemporary approach which definitely appeals every millennial traveller. They have an ideal colour combination of red, grey and white with funky caricatures on the walls all over the hotels keeping the funky vibe alive. Isn’t it so vibrant? Here are the visuals of the interiors for a better look for you guys.

Coming to the services, all Oyo rooms have a descent service and well maintained cafeteria. The food quality is also pretty good with sufficient food options for breakfast, lunch and dinners. With such interesting caricatures even the cafeteria has to be one of the best places to spend your leisure time when you’re on a vacay.

Oyo Townhouses are definitely a recommendation from my end for spending quality time with your family and friends in a budget. Also if you guys are planning for easy weekend getaways or urgent conferences, Oyo Townhouse is surely the best reliable option. So that was more about my stay at the Oyo Townhouse 095. If you guys are planning a trip anytime soon, you can surely opt for Oyo Rooms! I hope you all enjoyed reading about my travel story today! See you guys next time.

–Nivrity xoxo

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